What is Telefriending?

Telefriending is a befriender role carried out over the phone with an Out Together member from West Yorkshire. The aim of the free service is to support isolated and/or housebound LGBTQ+ people aged over 50 by calling them weekly, at a regular time, for up to 30-minutes. We pair members with a specific volunteer, and that volunteer will call the same member each week around the same time and day for a chat.

How does it work? We always try and match like-minded members and volunteers. It’s really important to us that you both have things in common with each other. We understand people come from a wide range of backgrounds, ethnicities and experiences, or from underrepresented groups, and we always strive to match volunteers with members with whom both will feel most comfortable.

"Great to chat to Louie as always - he was in really good spirits despite his chronic fatigue playing up. We had what I'd mark as one of our best conversations, where it felt like a real friendship - just two mates chatting about Whitney Houston. Really lovely." - Volunteer Befriender, 2022

Volunteers will:

• Provide social contact by phone.

• Be able to volunteer for a minimum of 6-months.

• Be free to make a weekly call at the same time and day each week.

• Be an active listener when communicating with your telefriendee and listen to any concerns they might have.

• Promote activities of Out Together.

• Utilise the internet to let your telefriendee know about suitable activities taking place locally.

• Be signed up to Out Together news updates.

Volunteers must:

• Live in or be from the West Yorkshire region.

• Be able to use a personal phone, withholding the number, to make Telefriending calls or be able to come in to the regional office to make the calls.

• Be sure never to give your own number or other contact details to a client.

• Submit a call log after every phone call. You must always raise concerns directly with your volunteering supervisor as appropriate.

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