Get to know some of ODL's corporate partners who support us with everything from arranging member's events to fundraising!

Nick Mott

Nick is a very special person who has excelled both in his career as a lawyer and as a champion of LGBT+ visibility in the workplace.

He always wanted to study law and found his niche at Dentons over 30 years ago. Widely respected as a talented lawyer, he has also led the firm’s LGBT group GLOW, encouraging and supporting employees to be out at work and engaging the support of allies.

Quite rightly he is proud and also humble about his achievements which now extend globally to LGBT employees around the world.

Nick loves London, it’s history, architecture, it’s theatres and walks , and manages to escape to Norfolk regularly with his partner.

Thanks Nick and your LGBT+ colleagues for supporting ODL!

Marion Bentata

Marion is a Vice President at State Street (Senior Credit Officer, Financial Institutions) but finds time in her busy schedule to express her passionate commitment to the LGBT+ community.

Marion is a Parisienne, initially coming to London on a two-year assignment for Societe Generale.  She was inspired by her first manager who set up an LGBT network - not so easy ten years ago!  So, at State Street she became active in their LGBT network which offers a safe space and is peopled by a ‘good group of highly committed and active members’. Marion is also very active in the Interbank LGBT network, which includes most of the major banks and some of the largest professional services firms.

Her particular passion is promoting events with a focus on women. She was recently involved in a Women’s Empowerment Interbank event attended by 200 women to help them advance their careers. She has also organized two wonderful events for ODL foregrounding women, which were warmly received by the many State Street and Interbank members who attended. They were both book launch events: Jane Traies’ book ‘Now You See Me’, based on life experience interviews with older lesbians; and Barbara Hosking’s book ‘Exceeding My Brief’, a memoir of her experiences as a very senior civil servant at ‘Number 10’ and which triggered her public coming out at the age of 91!

Marion values her involvement with ODL hugely. She said: ‘History is not linear and I’m always afraid we might go back. We need to learn from the past…If we were born fifty years earlier our lives would be completely different’. Therefore, she wants to ‘Give back to the people who have made it possible to be out and proud at work and in our community’.