To avoid the risk of spreading Covid19, also known as the corona virus, from 16th March 2020 all our face-to-face work to support older LGBT+ people will be paused/suspended and will be replaced by other means of connection, which we are currently working on.

This has been a difficult decision for us as we know how important our face-to-face services are to our members. We hope that you will stick with us as we develop new services by phone, on-line and by post. We will need your support now more than ever to support and stay connected with our older members.

ODL will continue to communicate with our members remotely, to make sure people feel part of this changing world. Over the coming weeks we will develop new ways for volunteers to stay in touch with members - by chatting on the phone, sharing favourite books and films remotely, by sending post cards, and generally nurturing the ties that bind us.