244 LGBTQ+ over-50s responded to our Health & Wellbeing Survey.  

Previous research has highlighted the poorer health outcomes of older LGBTQ+ people compared to the general population. A lifetime of stigma and discrimination based on their sexuality/gender identity often make the experience of growing older for LGBTQ+ people different to the general population, including preventing them from accessing health or social care services that they need.  

It is encouraging to see the progress that has been evidenced by the results of the survey, since the Government’s 2018 National LGBT Action Plan and the appointment of the National Advisor for LGBT Health. This survey has shown that there are now more health services committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion demonstrated through staff being trained in LGBTQ+ awareness and implementation of health and care LGBTQ+ quality standards. 

Click here to read the report of the results of the 2021 Opening Doors survey.