Opening Doors stands in solidarity with our LGBTQ+ family in Uganda and the continuing erosion of their rights. We are a charity that operates in the UK for LGBTQ+ people over 50 and are restricted in this remit, however if you are looking for help we can recommend the following organisations:

Rainbow Migration

Kaleidoscope Trust

Rainbow Railroad


If you want to support LGBTQ+ people in Uganda you can:




  • Donate to international LGBTI+ rights charities who are able to offer direct practical assistance to communities affected by this, such as GiveOut (who support grassroots activists across the world, including in Africa) and Rainbow Railroad (who help LGBTQI+ people to escape state-sponsored violence).
  • Donate to international LGBTI+ rights charities who work to grow the movement of grassroots activists across the world and are able to advocate both with the UK Government and internationally, such as Kaleidoscope Trust.