As restrictions are lifted in the UK, we're bringing back face to face activities to our members such as Friday Social, walks, film screenings and lunch clubs. On Saturday, 24th of July, we had the amazing opportunity to see many of our members in person again and enjoy some food and attractions together for our Pride Picnic. 

We met more than 50 of our members in a church in Central London and had a great time catching up with old friends and making new ones. They also enjoyed some special attractions with Miss Balloonniverse and the magician Katherine Rhodes. 

Three lucky members took home raffles prizes: theatre vouches, a cinema giftcard and a high street retail voucher.

Thank you so much to AON for the catering, NBCUniversal for entertainment and raffle prizes and our artists Miss Ballooniverse (picture below) and Katherine Rhodes!

See below what our members said about the Picnic:

- And could I say thank you and your team for a beautiful pride picnic it was fabulous so uplifting 👍🤗couldn’t be anything else amazing people 😊 - Theresa

- Thanks for organising this event. We were lucky that the weather was kind. I did not know anyone there, but the hosts made me feel welcome and special. Also I was able to enjoy some very friendly conversations with several nice people, male and female, all lovely and warm. It was my first outing since the pandemic lockdown and I felt like I had rejoined the human race!

Thanks again for a lovely afternoon.  We'll worth the journey. - John

- Thank you so much for such a wonderful afternoon. It so great meeting great people. - Warren