Trans Awareness Week runs between 13-19th of November with the aim to celebrate and uplift trans people, as well as to shed light on issues of prejudice, discrimination, and cultural and physical violence. The last year has been particularly difficult for trans people in the UK with reported hate crimes rising by a reported 81% in the year up to March 2019. These issues frame Trans Day of Remembrance on the 20th of November, which commemorate trans people who have lost their lives to transphobic violence. As we mourn these losses, which overwhelmingly represent trans women of colour outside of the UK, we need to be cautious to not appropriate them. Rather, we can link them to the violence and discrimination affecting trans and gender nonconforming people across race and class here in the UK. ODL's volunteer coordinator Dr Chryssy Hunter discusses this further in the video below:

Opening Doors London stands firm in our support fot trans and nonbinary people. As an LGBT+ organisation we know that trans people are an intrinsic part of our community and history, and will always stand alongside in their fight for safety, dignity, and recognition. 

ODL runs a monthly group for trans and nonbinary people over 50. The group changes day and venue from month to month. 

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