A supportive and social space for anyone from the LGBTQ+ communities with a dementia diagnosis, concerns about memory loss or memory impairment, or for their partners, friends and carers. 

The second Monday of each month on Zoom - 2.00 to 3.00 pm

The group is an opportunity for people to connect with one another, talk about any concerns they have, share experiences and offer each other support. Guest speakers, usually from a professional or clinical background in dementia, occasionally attend to lead a discussion on a particular topic. There are also occasional outings for those who are interested and able to attend.

This group is currently being facilitated by a trained volunteer pending recruitment of a new member of staff.

Check out Mike's experience as a member of our Rainbow Memory Café and Carers' Group below. He is a carer for his partner of 45 years, Tom, who lives with dementia.

In addition, to celebrate Pride Month 2021, we spoke with some of our members about the importance of being connected to the LGBTQ+ community in later life, intergenerational support and advice to younger generations. One of our regulars at the Rainbow Memory Cafe kindly produced the following video blog (vlog) for us.

If you're interested in joining or would like more information, please send an email:

[email protected]

We would like to thank the Grocer's Charity for part-funding our Dementia Services.