LGBTQ+ people who are living with dementia face double stigma associated with both their condition and their sexuality/gender identity. Older LGBTQ+ people seeking dementia support often encounter prejudice or misunderstanding. Even when health professionals are open and accepting, support services tend to make gendered and heteronormative assumptions which are unhelpful and can unwittingly trigger upsetting memories of discrimination.

Our Rainbow Memory Café and Carers’ group provide an affirmative space where LGBTQ+ people with dementia and their carers can share information and advice, give each other mutual support and feel safe knowing that their experiences, relationships and identity won’t be questioned. Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, we have hosted these groups online – providing a lifeline for our members who have lost vital support services and struggled through lockdown. One of our members said:

“I can say with hands on my heart that had it not been for the perseverance and the constant follow ups by both Lucy (Rainbow Carers' Group) and Ravi (LGBTQ+ BAME/PoC Group), survival for me would have been a serious struggle.”

Now we need your help to continue providing vital support for LGBTQ+ people affected by dementia through our Rainbow Memory Café and Rainbow Carers group. All donations – big or small – are most welcome!