LGBTQ+ people over 50 from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic PoC (BAME) backgrounds face intersecting oppressions and marginalisation. Many have to cross the boundaries of race, culture, language and religion to navigate services and support that most of us take for granted. LGBTQ+ people from refugee backgrounds are particularly affected by financial hardship in the UK and risk persecution or death if they are forced to return to their country of origin.

Why do we need your help?

  • Our regular group for LGBTQ+ people over 50 from BAME/PoC communities is seeing an increased need for this service with calls from across the country
  • In particular, there is an urgent need to increase our support and outreach to people over 50 in trans, non-binary and intersex BAME/PoC communities
  • Many in our BAME/PoC communities face increased social isolation and loneliness because they are part of a marginalised and isolated section within LGBTQ+ communities as well as wider society
  • Some of our BAME/PoC work is with people who have to protect their identities because they face huge personal risk if they are outed. We need to increase our capacity to support people one-on-one and with full regard of these concerns
  • We urgently need to increase our capacity to respond in the face of reduced funding available to us during the Covid-19 crisis
  • We need to recruit, train and support new volunteers and be able to match these to clients as quickly as possible

ODL is committed to providing a LGBTQ+ BAME/PoC engagement and outreach service to people over 50 and we need your help to maintain and increase our dedicated services.

Please support our fundraiser and play a part in making a real difference to people's lives.